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Code Name: ORION’S EYE


In June 1943 an OSS agent in London discovers a mysterious Nazi interest in something called, Auge Orion". Major Amos Mead, USMC, is charged with answering the questions: "What? Why?

A Voyage Beyond Reason

A Voyage Beyond Reason

 Winner of 2009 Writer's Digest Award

Benjamin "Coach" Wade, of the CBS TV series Survivor-Tocantins, quietly breaks the world one-man kayaking record. Now, his harrowing real-life survival story is being told in this Award Winning book from Tom Gauthier. Inducted into the Library Of Congress 2013  

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Mead's TrekMajor Amos Mead, USMC, on assignment with the OSS, is thrust violently into enemy territory and endures a trek from Burma to China marked by death and survival to pursue his mission . . .

An action/adventure novel. Amos Mead, decorated WWII Marine and OSS agent is trying to build a life after the war with his wife, Brigit when an old comrade-in-arms from the war shows up and pulls him into a secret and critical problem of the CIA.  Once again Amos Mead finds himself in a dangerous game of international intrigue as he faces a serial assassin of Nazi war criminals brought to the U.S. by its government in an experiment that is now badly out of control.
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"Here's a voice that's original, animated, and refreshing. Tom Gauthier definitely knows what he's writing about --- and it shows.  You're there, amidst the action, feeling, hearing, even smelling the tension. Enjoy the adventure."

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